I Just Don’t Understand The Stick Figure Family Thing

Stick figure families. You know what I’m talking about. The cutsie back-window-of-your-minivan-or-SUV representation of each and every family member (plus pets), and often including little accessories that help, you know, give a little insight into everyone’s interests:


Adorable, right? I beg to differ.

I just don’t get it.

I don’t mean to offend anyone who’s chosen to adorn his or her car with these semi-permanent illustrations. Can someone just explain the appeal to me, please?

Most of these stick figure families appear on cars that are obviously family cars anyway. (You drive a Honda Odyssey AND you have kids? No way! What are the odds?)


And they just seem so sickeningly trendy at this point. (Annoying in the same way the “13.1” and “26.2” stickers on people’s cars are. Cool. You ran really, really far at least one time.)

Apparently others share my disdain for these sticker families as well, because now options such as this chainsaw-wielding “Nobody cares about your stick figure family” one exist:


Pretty awesome. I have to admit, I feel the same way.

In other car-related news, Kevin and I purchased a new one yesterday! (It was to replace his Nissan Altima, whose alternator caught on fire — thus totaling the car — the week before Christmas. Really cool.) Though we hadn’t exactly planned to buy a new car right now (what with Kevin being in grad school and all), we’re pretty pumped about our new Mazda CX-5. Since I have a 2006 Mazda 3, we’re now a two-Mazda family! Fun stuff.

And one thing I can tell you for sure? Neither car will ever have a stick figure family on its back window.

3 thoughts on “I Just Don’t Understand The Stick Figure Family Thing

  1. My take on the stick figure family is that personal family information has no business on the back of a vehicle. Lord only knows who is looking at it and stalking it. I have a the same opinion about children wearing clothes w/ their names printed on it at places like Disney, 6-Flags, etc….but thay may just be me.

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