Recent TV Realizations

I watch a lot of TV. I do. Most of it not in real time (I’m a dedicated Hulu and Netflix streamer), but still. Lots. (And I’m okay with it. There’s some really good TV on these days!)

Here are some TV realizations I’ve come to in recent weeks:

  • I don’t hate Zooey Deschanel. I thought I did, but FOX’s New Girl has won me over. I straight up like her now, even (although I still think this SNL “Bein’ Quirky with Zooey Deschanel” skit is hilarious). Really, though — has New Girl been a surprisingly enjoyable weekly treat for anyone else? Great characters, writing, and story lines and — fun fact — the costumes are selected by the same woman who ran the wardrobe for Friends.


  • HGTV is awesome. I know — where have I been, right? Most definitely late to the game, obviously. I guess I always assumed HGTV was a boring-ish girly channel, but it’s full of great stuff! I’m especially a fan of House Hunters (and House Hunters International), Property Brothers, and Living Abroad. (Any HGTV show recommendations to send my way? Remember — I’m a newbie!)


  • If you weren’t completely on board with IFC’s Portlandia after Season One, give Season Two (now available streaming on Netflix!) a try before you make your final call on the show. There were lots of pieces about Season One that I liked, but with Season Two Carrie and Fred really got into the groove and it’s some good stuff. (Highlights include a preschool admissions interview that goes, um, above and beyond, a tattoo of Eddie Vedder playing two tambourines, and a canine tsunami survivor. Among so many other things.)


What else should I be aware of in the TV-sphere? Send some tips my way, broadcast-loving friends!

P.S. I realize this isn’t a resolutions-themed post, as promised last time. My bad.

One thought on “Recent TV Realizations

  1. I admit I get a kick out of Zooey’s New Girl show! We canceled Direct TV quite awhile ago so other than the network channels rely on our Roku to stream Netflix, Hulu etc. I confess I watched all the “Breaking Bad” episodes available. They were like a car crash scene you couldn’t pull your eyes away even though you should! And I breezed through Downton Abbey, my husband got hooked, and now we are waiting for the start of season 3 on PBS tomorrow! ~ Kat

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