Happy Columbus Day! Here Are Some Commercials To Watch.

Happy Columbus Day, friends!

In celebration of this day that Columbus “discovered” a land that was already inhabited, I thought I’d share a few fun commercials that I’ve enjoyed recently.

  • First up: Subaru

Not only is this ad effective in showcasing the lifespan of a Subaru in an incredibly adorable, heartwarming way, but it also reminds me of the chocolate Lab my family had while I was growing up. (Doesn’t this look like Cocoa, Mom?):


  • Old El Paso

I think this is a great ad, nice and straightforward about the fact they’re trying to sell you tacos and all the fixings:


  • This Galaxy S3 spot pretty much beats viewers over the head with its point (the iPhone isn’t all that awesome or cutting-edge after all, especially when compared to a Samsung S3), but I included it because I found the length — one minute and 30 seconds, rather than the standard 15- or 30-second spot — interesting. This longer commercial length — where advertisers have time to tell more of a story surrounding their product or brand — is a trend that’s beginning to emerge, and can potentially be pretty effective in that it’s definitely attention getting:


  • Finally, not a commercial, but I wanted to be sure everyone has seen the incredible-ness that is the Korean hit “Gangnam Style.” After all, it’s up to 404+ million views worldwide, so if you haven’t seen it yet you’re missing out. And if you have already seen it, chances are it’s stuck in your head, so go ahead and have another listen:


Here’s to the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria!

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