Hey, Winston? Think You Can Get A Few Food Trucks?

Winston-Salem is a great town. There’s a wonderful little independent movie theater downtown, it has an adorable — and authentic — Moravian community within the city limits, and the restaurant scene is quite commendable for a town of this size.

One thing I wish this place had, though, is a good food truck. Or 20.

When Kevin and I left Atlanta, the food truck scene was just starting to take hold. (I even wrote an AJC article about the emerging food truck trend in Atlanta back in 2010.) We were late to the game when compared to cities like Portland, L.A., and New York, but now it’s gained solid footing. We left just when it was getting good, in fact.

And, sadly, Winston is devoid of food trucks. We had a short-lived taco truck here in town for a bit (the Korean tacos were pretty stellar), but it’s gone for now (whether temporarily or otherwise). I mean, come on — even Paris now has an American-run food truck.

Why not our town?

For many communities — Winston-Salem included — permitting can create a delay. Food trucks need stationary home bases that can be inspected, and sometimes getting those pieces in place can be tricky.

Our neighbors in Greensboro are starting to make it happen, though. Following a quite successful food truck festival last weekend, the city is considering lifting a current ordinance that keeps food trucks from operating downtown. (I’m pretty upset to have missed that festival, by the way.)

So Winston, so you think we can maybe follow suit? Think about it — we could start to dot our streets with trucks serving up things like bahn mi, cupcakes, falafel, curry, and po’boys, and…well, you get the idea.

Please, Winston?

One thought on “Hey, Winston? Think You Can Get A Few Food Trucks?

  1. Hey there, just read your article and our cupcake truck is working in the Greensboro trial. If Winston gets on board I would love to participate. Let me know and in the mean time check out the greensboro food truck schedule and come get a yummy cupcake!!

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