Fulton’s DNA Test

When Kevin and I adopted our dog, Fulton, last September, the man we adopted him from guessed he was a boxer/lab mix. It made sense to us, too, because Fulton has a distinctly boxer coat and build, but also has many lab-like features (or so we thought).

Even still, we certainly weren’t sure, and so we were thrilled to find a doggie DNA test from my parents in Fulton’s Christmas stocking. We swabbed the required two DNA samples from Fulton’s cheek (no issue there — that pup has lots of extra slobber to share) and sent them off to be analyzed.

About three weeks later we got the results, and they were a bit unexpected. Fulton is definitively a mutt (no shocker there), and the boxer was there, which wasn’t surprising, but there was no lab to be found. Instead, it turns out Fulton is a combination of mixed breeds, boxer, and…Sheltie.

We have noticed that Fulton has a bit of a herding instinct (he likes everyone to be in the same space whenever possible), so that part fits. Plus, he considers his 65-pound-self to be quite the lapdog (which is hilarious). It’s just strange to think that our big, clumsy, short-haired dog has genes from a long-haired small breed in him.

Even though he drives us crazy sometimes (especially when trying to do work or study at the house), we love our boxer/Sheltie/mutt Fulton-pup!

2 thoughts on “Fulton’s DNA Test

  1. Aww, how sweet! I would love to test Iggy and Rudy, I think it is cute Fulton heards you- Iggy does as well 🙂 Love our doggies!

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