Calling All Kid-Friendly Activity Ideas!

Last fall, inspired by a week-long United Way focus at work, I began the process of becoming a part of the Big Brother Big Sister program. I officially became a Big Sister in mid-December, and have enjoyed getting to know my 10-year-old Little. She’s a precious fourth grader who loves art and volleyball.

So far, I’ve had her over to our house where we baked chocolate chip cookies, made Christmas cards for her family, and walked Fulton around our neighborhood. Kevin and I took her out to Applebee’s for dinner one night, and then we went to Target and let her pick out a Christmas gift. I took her to lunch at Mellow Mushroom last weekend, and today we got lunch and Chick-fil-A and then came back to our house and decorated cookies for Valentine’s Day.

Each time we hang out, she comes out of her shell more, and I love watching her become more and more comfortable with me.

I’m looking forward to coming weeks and months, and would love suggestions of activities for us to do together. Does anyone have craft ideas that are good for 10-year-olds? What about two-player games we might enjoy? I want to have a list of things on hand (since I’m a planner and all) to make our time together varied and fun. Please send suggestions my way!

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  1. What about a make your own pottery place? Or jewlery making at home? Hiking, biking, garden planting, or UNO? Any historical places nearby? 4th grade often studies their state’s history. What about a Michael’s trip where she gets to pick her own craft kit? Or bowling or skating? I want to come and join y’all!!

  2. Sounds like you’re both having loads of fun already!

    I’m in no way, shape, or form a childhood expert, and the two awesome kids I spend most of my time with now are 4yrs and 3months, so some of these ideas may not be optimal for her age, but here goes.

    – use a coloring book picture as a template for yarn art

    – Have a scavenger hunt. You can have a clue in the backyard with a riddle that leads to the library, where she finds a book about jelly beans which leads to the candy store, where there’s a bag of candy with a clue to the local park, where there’s a picnic basket and swings and general happiness.

    – Depending on how she feels about animals, visit a petting zoo or local kid-friendly farm.

    – Make play-dough food, specifically ravioli: roll out the yellow playdough, plop green (spinach) and white (cheese) and brown (sausage) playdough filling in squared segments, lay another yellow sheet over, press together the sections between squares, cut them with a ravioli wheel or pizza cutter. If she really likes this, making real ravioli is another fun and easy activity!

  3. How about making shrinky dinks?

    (oh, 1980s commercials)

    When I lived in Oregon (yes, I was already in my 20s!), I lived with a community that was always looking for ways to re-use plastic items. We learned that thin plastic take-out boxes actually make awesome base material for shrinky dinks. We drew pictures, placed them on a baking pan, and slid them in the oven for an allotted time. Voila, neat shrinky dinks to share with friends.

    Here’s a link to a DIY shrinky dink page:

  4. What an inspiration you are Anna! One of my favorite memories growing up was a sense of place. We moved a lot growing up and I LOVED that my Grandmother kept our toys and special things in the very same drawer in her china cabinet with her very special things.

    What about the circular knitting looms to make scarves and hats? Very easy and so many choices of yarn these days. Michaels had them on sale over Christmas.

    Have you ever made cookies using a cookie press? Another favorite. Trick is finding a cookie press you like. Eventually I ordered mine on ebay.

    Good luck, your Little Sister is lucky to have you!

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