Oreo Truffles: Pure Delicious With Just Three Ingredients

Oreos are an interesting cookie, in that they always seem to taste better when they’re not in whole-cookie form. Case in point: the Oreo Blizzard, or Oreo cheesecake. (By the way, if you want an especially delectable Blizzard or other ice cream concoction, try mixing in both Oreo and Butterfinger. Trust me on this.)

Yet another example of this Oreo-is-better-as-an-ingredient theory is the Oreo Truffle. This is a sure-fire crowd pleaser, requires a mere three ingredients, and takes roughly 20 minutes from start to finish. Perfection, no? (Plus, as Kevin says, “They taste expensive!”)

Here goes:


  • 1  package of Oreo cookies
  • 1 8-ounce package of regular cream cheese
  • 2 boxes of semi-sweet baking chocolate squares


  • Remove four Oreos from the package and place in a sandwich-sized plastic bag. Crush into fine pieces and set aside.
  • Place remaining Oreos in a gallon-sized plastic bag and crush into fine pieces. (I use a rolling pin, which can be helpful.)

  • Empty gallon-sized bag into a large mixing bowl and add room-temperature cream cheese. (Note: Don’t be afraid to get messy here. The messier you get, the easier and faster this job is.)
  • Using your hands, evenly combine cream cheese and Oreo pieces into a batter. (Like I said, it gets messy, so channel your inner 4-year-old.)
  • Roll batter into balls (approximately 2 inches in diameter) and place on cookie sheet lined with wax paper, parchment paper, or aluminum foil.

  • Place cookie sheet in the refrigerator.
  • While the batter is in the fridge, melt the chocolate in a sauce pan on the stove top (medium-low heat), stirring constantly so you’re sure it doesn’t burn.

  • Remove the batter from the fridge and, one by one, dip the Oreo balls into the chocolate, being sure to completely cover in the chocolate. (I use a soup spoon for this process.) Place chocolate-covered Oreo balls back on the same lined cookie sheet.
  • Using the Oreo crumbs from the four cookies you set aside at the start, sprinkle the remaining crumbs on top of the chocolate-covered truffles.

  • Refrigerate truffles for 10-15 minutes before serving, to be sure the chocolate hardens completely. When hardened, store the truffles in an air-tight container and keep them refrigerated before serving. (Also, be prepared to come home without any leftovers. These go fast!)

2 thoughts on “Oreo Truffles: Pure Delicious With Just Three Ingredients

  1. Anna! I’ve been making these for 3 years now! They are a request every year by my family. They are absolutely delicious! 🙂

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