Jewelry + Accessories

  • I bought this hat on a whim the other day and have hardly taken it off since! I just love it (and right now it’s 50% off, as it most everything at LOFT).



  • I get lots of questions about where my sunglasses are from. (Thank you for the compliments! I love them, too.) They’re by Warby Parker but, unfortunately, my glasses style (Reilly) is no longer available. There are a few similar styles that Warby has available right now, though, including the Raglan, Laurel, and Harris frames. If you’ve never ordered from Warby Parker, get ready for a treat! You can select up to five frames to be sent to you house for a FREE at-home try-on session. You just send them all back when you’re done, and if you found a pair you liked you place your order for them. SO simple, and I’ve been incredibly happy with all three pairs of Warby Parkers I’ve owned.


  • I got this MVMT watch for Christmas a couple of years ago, and just adore it! It’s the perfect accessory for just about any outfit.