curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 52 (Chatting All Things Beautycounter With Four Consultant Teammates Of Mine!)

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This episode was a blast to record, because it meant I got to spend time with four of my favorite women to talk about the thing that brought us all together. Sondie, Raquel, Chelsea, and Xani are all Beautycounter consultants who work together on the same team. That means we each have our own individual businesses – and get to run them however we want to – but we also get to lean on the support and knowledge of our team (and other consultants more broadly, too) to help us in that endeavor. In case you aren’t familiar with Beautycounter, it’s a skincare, makeup, and personal care brand dedicated to creating both high-performing AND incredibly safe products. As it turns out, there’s very little regulation here in the U.S. when it comes to the ingredients that can be included in the products we use all over our bodies every day, and Beautycounter is on a mission to educate people about this reality as well as change it at the state and federal levels.

I became a consultant six years ago, while I was about eight months pregnant with my daughter, Maggie. Early in my pregnancy, I’d learned that retinol needs to be avoided during pregnancy because it can cause birth defects, and I was definitely using some retinol-based skincare at the time. It honestly hit me like a ton of bricks: I considered myself to be really savvy when it came to the ingredients in food (also NOT GOOD in a lot of respects, which many of you know, too), but I had never thought about what might be in the products I was slathering all over my face and body and in my hair every single day. I think I unconsciously assumed that if those products were on the shelf, some form of vetting for safety must have been done. Turns out, I was wrong.

I started introducing some Beautycounter products after my eyes were opened to this reality, and was really impressed with their performance. It didn’t feel like a sacrifice at all – these products were made with incredibly safe ingredients, but they also WORKED. I decided to become a consultant, not quite knowing what that might look like for me, and quickly realized I loved sharing this brand – the products, yes, but also the education side of things – with other women. Through the years, it’s grown to be a hugely influential part of my life, and I credit Beautycounter with much of my personal and career growth.

So anyway, back to this episode…

My friends and I got together for this conversation to chat about what began our clean living journeys, what drew us to Beautycounter, what some of our perceptions of direct sales companies were before we joined Beautycounter, what we’ve gained from being part of this work, what’s surprised us most about this experience, and more. I hope you enjoy this listen, and I hope it helps to illustrate what I often try to convey on my own but can’t quite accomplish: That this work is pretty magical in the way it can be so individualized. As a consultant, YOU get to put YOUR fingerprints all over your business.

Okay, enough yakking from me – ready to hear from my four amazing friends? (Side note: The five of us recently took a girls’ trip to New York City and had planned on recording this podcast episode while we were together…but we were too busy talking about a million other things to make it happen. 😉 We hopped on Zoom a few days after our trip for this conversation, and I’m so glad we made it happen.)

Here we go…

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