Wardrobe Challenge 2022

I’m SO excited to kick off another Wardrobe Challenge starting this Friday, July 1! I’ve done these in the past, but this time around it feels more purposeful and exciting than ever.

For one, in recent months I’ve been giving tons of thought to what I want my clothing relationship to look like (this extends into my “stuff” relationship as a whole, but we’re talking about clothes specifically right now!). I’ve been working on being more mindful of how many clothes I buy, where I buy those clothes, what I do with clothing I no longer wear, etc., stemming from learning a ton about the clothing industry and how it needs a MAJOR overhaul (from a human rights standpoint, an environmental one, and more).

Another reason I’m extra excited about this round of the Wardrobe Challenge is because lots of YOU have expressed interest in participating with me. HOW FUN!!! (And remember: This isn’t about following the “rules” perfectly, but rather using this month as an opportunity to be thoughtful about clothing. That’s the goal!)

Not sure what a Wardrobe Challenge is? Allow me to explain…

This is a month-long event meant to help participants focus on clothing. By wearing only the clothes you already have in your closet (wearing what you already have, re-discovering pieces you may have forgotten, etc.) and avoiding adding anything new to the mix (taking a hiatus from clothes shopping), the end result is much more awareness around what you already have (including items you might want to pass along or holes you have in your wardrobe) as well as your shopping habits.

The “rules” or guidelines are as follows (but know that you absolutely do NOT have to follow these perfectly in order to be part of the challenge!):

For the month of July, wear a new outfit from your closet each day. This is in an effort to help you realize the breadth of clothing you already own, and to help you mix up your go-to outfits. Of course, you will definitely rewear shorts, pants, workout clothes, shoes, bathing suits, and accessories, but try to wear a different top, dress, romper, etc. every day. (I find it helpful to put the items I’ve already worn in a designated spot in my closet during the challenge to help me remember which those are!)

For the month of July, avoid buying any new clothing. Since one of the goals is to help you become much more familiar with the clothes you already have, this helps with that piece. At the end of the month, you may have discovered a few key pieces of clothing you’d really benefit from having, and it can be fun to then shop for those. (Note: I rent clothing from Nuuly each month, and will continue doing that in July. It’s a great way to bring fresh, trendy items into my wardrobe without buying them! I get to wear them for a while and then pass them on. It aligns so well with my values when it comes to clothing!)

At the end of the month, assess what you’ve learned. Did you re-discover items in your closet that look great on you? Did you find you tend to only wear a handful of outfits again and again, and branching out was fun? Did you uncover some ho-hum (for you) pieces you’re ready to consign, sell online, donate, or share with a friend? Did you realize something about the emotions behind shopping for clothes, or the habit that might exist there for you? (That last one is certainly true for me, and one big reason I love doing this challenge periodically!) Did you notice that you moved away from following some Instagram accounts that post about clothing alllll the time, or unsubscribed from a few brands that email you frequently about clothing sales, new releases, etc.? I think this reflection step can be such a powerful one.

I’ll be posting my outfits most every day over on Instagram stories as a way to hold myself accountable during this month-long challenge and share what I’m wearing. I’d love to see YOUR outfits, too, either daily or from time to time, so please be sure to tag me if you post about the Wardrobe Challenge!

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