Friday Favorites (April 16, 2021)

We’ve been at the beach this week, and it’s been absolutely incredible. We’ve lucked out with good weather, and because we avoided spring break week it’s been nice and quiet on the beach as well. In addition to the four of us (it’s fun to be able to say that!!), we’re spending the week with Kevin’s parents and some great family friends, the Lovatts. Kevin and I even got to go on a date night last night — our first in I don’t even know how long — and it was so wonderful to sit in a restaurant for a couple of hours and just enjoy each other’s company (and a delicious meal plus great cocktails).

Before dinner, we also recorded a conversation between the two of us about pregnancy and childbirth from Kevin’s perspective for my podcast, which I’m excited to share soon!

For now, though, I’ll share a few recent faves:

Bio Ionic Styling Wand: My trusty curling wand finally bit the dust after about eight good years, and I’ve been so happy with this replacement! It helps add shine to your hair as you use it, and I love how you can customize the temperature. I definitely recommend this one if you’re in the market for a curling wand (and be sure to activate the 3% cash back via Rakuten at Ulta!).

Kids’ Raincoat: We gifted Maggie this adorably classic kids’ raincoat for her birthday last month, and she and I both love it so much! We sized up and got her a 5T so she’ll be able to wear it for quite a while, and it pairs so well with her cute Dusty Rose Modern Piggy rain boots! (Reminder: You can always use the code CURIOUSER to save 10% on any Modern Piggy order!) Oh, and for more cute girls’ spring jacket ideas, check out this post I wrote for Zulily’s blog!

Lumineux Whitening Strips: Okay, I am SO GLAD I tried these whitening strips. I was excited that they were non-toxic and claimed not to cause any sensitivity on the teeth, but honestly was a little skeptical that they’d work well. I was so glad to learn that my skepticism was misplaced. I saw great results and loved that they didn’t make my teeth or gums at all uncomfortable in the process (as I’ve experienced with other whitening strips in the past). I’ll definitely be using them again, and Kevin is excited to try them now, too!

Albion Fit Bathing Suits: I know I’ve mentioned this brand again and again, so it’s certainly not a new favorite around here, but after having been at the beach for a week I’ve been reminded of just how great Albion Fit bathing suits are so I had to include them here! Maggie and I have matching animal print suits from Albion Fit, and I have several others (like this one!) for me I just adore. If you’re looking for a suit or two to add to your summer wardrobe, this brand is worth checking out for sure!

Okay, time to soak in this last day at the beach…

Happy Friday!

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