Friday Favorites: May 29, 2020

Happy Friday! We had a great holiday weekend at the beach, and that made this week absolutely FLY by.

I wanted to share a few favorites quickly before I get started on dinner. (WHERE did today go??)

First, a quick update on a new platform I’m using to share clothing, etc. (which I hope will be helpful and convenient): You can follow along with me here (it works in either a browser or their app), and it’s a way for me to easily link products individually in case you’re interested in checking out things I post in a bit more detail. Note: I do make a small amount of commission when you shop my links, so if you find something you’d like to buy because of me, it means a lot if you use my links to shop if possible!

I also keep a collection of products we love on my Amazon Store (separated into various categories like Book Recommendations, Our Favorite Toddler Items, Health & Wellness, Home & Kitchen, and more) if you ever want to check that out.

(Oh, and along those lines, I also have a few referral codes for brands I love if you ever want to use those. For Modern Piggy and Primally Pure, just enter CURIOUSER at checkout to save 10%, and you can also use AnnaK8Pack when getting a Vejo portable blender starter set to also get an additional 8-pack of smoothies for free.)

Okay, on to some faves!:

  • I’m totally in love with these lululemon Align leggings in the diamond dye print. They’re SO soft, and the pattern feels so perfect for summer. (I also really like the All Tied Up Tank I’m wearing here with them! It comes in several colors.) You can find both products linked here!


  • Speaking of soft, comfy clothes, how did I not know about Lake Pajamas?? Y’all. They are the BEST. SO buttery soft, and from what I’ve heard they also hold up extremely well. I am 100% confident this won’t be my last pair of Lakes…


  • This plant-based cookbook is SO MUCH FUN. The writing is hilarious but also so informative, and the recipes are great. We’ve made two so far (both were exceptional), and I can’t wait to try many more. I think this book would be especially helpful for someone wanting to make healthier dietary changes in general or start the transition to a plant-based diet.


  • I’ve tried a few more Scout & Cellar red wines lately (this one and this one), and both are definitely ones I’ll be reordering. Oh, and this bottle of sparkling wine is a bit of a splurge but is SO GOOD. I love that Scout & Cellar wines are ONLY grapes and minimal sulfites — no added sugar, no pesticide residue, no flavoring or coloring, etc. (Have you tried this brand yet? What are your thoughts, if so?)


Okay…time to make dinner. We’re having another Green Chef meal tonight. Yum!

Happy weekend!

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