Maggie Monday (April 1, 2019)

It’s been far too long since I share a Maggie Monday update here on the blog, and I figured what better time to bring it back than the day after her birthday?

Somehow, Maggie-girl is 2 years old already, which is so very hard to believe. As much as I miss her teeny tiny baby days, this phase with her is SO MUCH FUN. She’s talking up a storm, making new connections daily, and she’s just a funny, happy, neat little person.


We celebrated her birthday a week early and had the best time being with friends and family at a nearby park for the event. We kept things low key (I’m too busy for Pinterest and, let’s be honest, crafty isn’t my thing anyway), which was just perfect. (The theme was “Taco TWOsday,” which felt very appropriate since we eat at our favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant at least once a week.

The highlights of the party (aside from being around some of our favorite people!) included bubbles (especially if you ask Maggie, who was talking just this morning about bubbles at her “happy”) and the taco piñata Kevin found several weeks in advance of the party. I wasn’t sure how much of a hit (pun intended) a piñata would be at a toddler birthday party, but everyone was into it — big kids included!


On Maggie’s actual birthday yesterday, we went to brunch as a family and then had a low-key day. We spent some time with some friends, and later in the afternoon Maggie and I went on a cookie date at one of our favorite coffee shops, Camino Bakery. It was a pretty special day.


A few (of the many!) things I want to remember about Maggie at this age:

  • Her “pocket dance,” where she’ll put her hands in pockets when she has them, slap a huge grin on her face, and sway side to side. She likes it best if you participate, too — and we’re happy to oblige.
  • She’s starting to get super independent and wants to do (or attempt to do) as many things as possible on her own. “I do” is a common phrase these days.
  • She’s still a remarkably good eater, and doesn’t seem to be bothered by spicy food or options like kimchi, capers, and raw red onion.
  • I love the way she reaches for my hand when we go up a flight of stairs.
  • I can’t get enough of her sweet little voice and her pronunciation of certain words. (It can also be confusing. For example, “mimi” means 1) my mom (her grandma) 2) a banana 3) a bunny.)
  • We have to read “Moon” (Goodnight Moon) every night before bed, and finding the mouse on each page is her favorite part.
  • Coloring and reading (oh, and eating — definitely eating!) are some of her favorite activities these days.
  • She loves to help me get ready in the morning, and plays along as I put on makeup and do my hair. I’m glad I use Beautycounter safe products (a plug, but it’s true!) so I can give her a bit of moisturizer or let her play with my brushes and know it’s good for her. She’s a happy camper when she gets to be part of the fun!

Welcome to 2, sweet Maggie! I’m so lucky to be your mama.


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