Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza: Jenni Earle

Y’all: Jenni Earle is an awesome human.

If you ever get the pleasure of meeting her (or better yet, working with her), count yourself lucky. She’s talented in so many ways, but there’s one particular area I want to spotlight today: her bandanas.


“As a maker, I wanted to bring something to the marketplace that women and men could hold and wear and KNOW how brave and strong they are. A talisman, if you will, of bravery and adventure. So I thought back over my life as to what object in my life has made me feel like that, and it was my grandfather’s bandanas. I would grab and hold them as a girl and feel his brave spirit, so that’s what I decided to make!” Jenni shared.

I have one of Jenni’s bandanas, and it’s so beautifully designed. Jenni says her personal style aligns with the imagery of the southwest, and her bandanas reflect that.

They’re made of southern-grown cotton and dyed by hand right here in Winston-Salem so she can get the colors juuuust the way she wants them. Oh, and the best part? Each bandana is designed with a specific message — a mantra, really — in mind. (I have the Be Brave bandana, for example.)


I love the thought behind this: Keeping this bandana close by to remind you to be braver, to blaze a trail, to roam free, and so much more. Jenni says she hears stories weekly from people wearing their bandanas and giving themselves permission to be bolder than they would have without it.

Are you sold on these bandanas yet or what? Well, I have great news: We’re giving away TWO of Jenni’s bandanas! (Here’s what Jenni shared about the two designs in the giveaway: “The messaging is important to hold onto as we head into the new year. Roam Free and Wild Hearts Club teach us to open our minds and stay true to those beautiful wild hearts of ours.”)


To enter:

There are also TWO ways to get bonus entries!:

  • Tag a friend in the Jenni Earle post in my Instagram feed. (Tag more than one friend, in fact! Each person you tag gets you an entry into the giveaway.)
  • Share the Instagram post either in your feed or in your Instagram Stories, and be sure to tag @curiouserandcuriouserblog and @thisisjenniearle in your share.

Good luck! I’ll announce the winner of this giveaway along with the other Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza winners later this month, so stay tuned! 🙂


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