curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 19 (Nikki Azzara Makes Healthy Snacking Made Delightful With P.S. Snacks)

Back in 2014, I blogged about a great website and app a recent Wake Forest grad, Nikki Azzara, had started. The blog/app was called Slender Seven, offering healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes with — you guessed it — seven ingredients or fewer.

Since 2014, that website has morphed into something pretty amazing: a new company called P.S. Snacks that creates tasty and good-for-you products you can now find on the shelves of about 185 grocery stores across the country. (They make a chickpea cookie dough in three different flavors that’s INSANELY good — and it’s good for you!)


For my latest episode of The curiouser & curiouser Podcast, I connected with Nikki to talk about where her interest in healthy food began, how things evolved from Slender Seven to P.S. Snacks, and how she’s definitely achieved her goal of NOT sitting in a cubicle every day doing the same thing over and over.


Nikki is smart, easy to talk to, and is doing big things, and I loved getting to hear about her growth since we last connected four years ago. (Oh, and there’s more that will be launching toward the end of this year from P.S. Snacks, so stay tuned! You should probably follow them on Instagram to keep up with the news.)


Ready to hear Nikki talk about how she brought healthy chickpea cookie dough to grocery store shelves around the country?

Here we go!:


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