Friday Favorites (September 7, 2018)

Happy Friday, friends!

This weekend, Kevin’s parents are coming to visit. He and his dad will go to Columbia, SC tomorrow for the USC/UGA football game, and Kevin’s mom, Maggie, and I will hang out in Winston. Yay for a girls’ day!

In the meantime, here are some favorites of mine from this past week:




  • Poshmark is amazing, y’all. Many of you probably know this, but I hadn’t experienced it until recently. I’ve done my fair share of selling (and buying) on eBay, and I’ve also sold some clothing to consignment stores in the past, but when it comes to passing along clothing and accessories you don’t want or need anymore, THIS is the way to do it. It works similarly to eBay, but so far I’ve gotten SO much more interest and engagement through this platform, and have made better sales. It’s also a great place to buy gently used trendy clothes, too!


  • I know I’ve mentioned the brand Albion Fit before, but my obsession with the brand is still going strong. I recently ordered this bathing suit top and these bottoms for our Hawaii trip next month (!!!), and now they’ve released some new items including floral jumpsuits and joggers. I just want it ALL!


  • Kevin and I saw the movie Crazy Rich Asians last weekend while we were at the beach, and we LOVED IT! (I’m also reading the book right now — which I’m also really enjoying — and I think it’s the first time I’ve seen a movie version of a book while midway through the book. I kind of liked it!) Watching the movie (which is set in Singapore) also reeeeally made me want to go back to Southeast Asia (something Kevin and I plan to do soon). For those who don’t know, I spent several months teaching English in Malaysia after college, and I am excited to go back to experience that part of the world again — this time with Kevin!


  • Winston-Salem has a salt cave, y’all! I got to experience it last night as part of a belated birthday celebration with two of my favorite friends, Ashleigh and Jodi. It really did feel like we’d been transported to some place far more remote and calm, and we had a blast during our 45-minute session and left feeling invigorated. Salt therepy (or halotherapy) is gaining popularity here in the States, and can help address respiratory issues, skin conditions, and contribute to overall wellness since salt is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal. The salt cave was full of, well, SALT, and then tiny salt particles (too small to notice) were blown into the room while we were in the cave so we were breathing those particles in. It was definitely a neat experience, and so very relaxing. We loved that it was a technology-free zone, and enjoyed catching up in such a soothing place.


  • Last but not least, let’s talk cake. Chocolate cake, specifically. I made this vegan, gluten-free cake to celebrate a co-worker’s birthday earlier this week, and this recipe is a keeper for sure! (I didn’t have time to make the icing from that recipe, so I went with this one instead. It was yummy, too, but I really want to try the version from the cake recipe at some point!)


What have YOU been loving lately?

Happy Friday!!!






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  1. We loved CRA too! My brother went to boarding school in Malaysia while my family lived in China and visiting him there is something I’ll always remember. That movie made me want to go back soon!

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