Maggie Monday (June 18, 2018)

This past week was a little different than usual for us because our sitter was on vacation, so we were juggling care for Maggie-girl a bit. I worked from home with her Monday, Kevin was with her Tuesday, and then my in-laws, Keith and Cathy (a.k.a. Gramps and Gram), came to Winston on their way home from a trip to Europe (by way of Atlanta) and took her to their house in Southport, North Carolina (on the coast) where she was with them Wednesday through Friday.

We are so fortunate to have family members (and friends who are essentially family) who are so willing to help out with Maggie. Our village is a strong one, and for that we are so incredibly thankful. Maggie had a blast with Gram and Gramps, and though we missed her like crazy, it was such a comfort knowing she was in wonderful hands.


Kevin, our friend Micheal, and I traveled to the coast Friday night and spent the weekend there. We spent lots of time with Keith and Cathy, and Kevin’s aunt Linda happened to be in town from California. It was such a treat to get to spend time with her, too. We don’t get to see her very often, and I was so glad Maggie got to meet her. (She was a big Aunt Linda fan, which isn’t a bit surprising. I am, too!)


Since Maggie was feeling 100% at the beach this time around, she wanted to explore a bit more. Not at all surprisingly, her favorite beach activity was roaming around to meet all our beach neighbors (waving enthusiastically and repeatedly at everything she saw, birds, dogs, and seaweed included).


She also loved sharing a salad with me for lunch on Saturday, which makes me ridiculously happy. We are trying, as much as possible, to have Maggie eat the foods we eat rather than plying her with “kid food.” So far, she really likes those “grown-up foods,” and I hope it stays that way. (I also think a deep love for salads has to be in her genes…)

We celebrated Keith and Kevin — the two dads of the bunch — on Saturday night, and it was great being together for that special holiday. Just look at this handsome father/son duo!


We had the BEST weekend, and can’t wait to be back at the beach with the whole Keller crew in a couple of weeks for our annual week-long vacation. I’m so glad it’s right around the corner!

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