Maggie Monday (June 4, 2018)

Our girl hasn’t been feeling 100% this past week, and we’re pretty convinced it’s teething related. It’s extra sad (and unfamiliar) because historically teething has been a non-event for Maggie-girl: she’s slept fine and hasn’t seemed uncomfortable. This time around, she has just seemed a little mopey — she needs extra snuggles (which we’ve been happy to provide) and has been sleeping more than usual.

Still, she seemed to enjoy the time we spent at the beach this past weekend with our friends Leon and Cecilia and their son, Lincoln. We spent Saturday at the beach and Sunday at the pool, and both days she just wanted to CHILL. (Fine by me!)

Lincoln and Maggie got along well (although Lincoln wanted to play at the beach and the pool), and it was really sweet watching them together.

Other highlights from the past week for Maggie include continuing to love her smoothie cup and looking cute. 🙂

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