Why You Should Support a/perture If You Live In Winston-Salem

Since moving to Winston-Salem nearly seven years ago (wow, that’s hard to believe!), Kevin and I have loved seeing movies at a/perture, our local independent cinema. Not only is the theater in a prime location (right in the heart of downtown, making dinner-and-a-movie date nights wonderfully convenient and walkable), it also has a wonderfully welcoming vibe.

photo by Kristen Bryant

It also features films that often aren’t available at the mainstream movie theater chains in town AND sell amazing snacks like beer, wine, kombucha, and locally made chocolate bars. Seeing a movie at a/perture is truly an experience in a way that seeing a movie at a more traditional theater just…isn’t.

photo by Kristen Bryant

Most recently, Kevin and I saw Tully at a/perture, a movie written by Diablo Cody and starring Charlize Theron and Ron Livingston. (Side note: We happened to run into our friends James and Christina at the movie, too, and it was so fun to have an unplanned double date! Running into people like that is one of the many reasons I love living in Winston-Salem.)

But back to Tully!

We’d watched the trailer and were prepared for a comedic depiction of what it’s like to have a newborn at home, but were wonderfully surprised at the unexpected turn the film took. It’s one we couldn’t stop talking about at our post-movie dinner, and one I’m still thinking about a few days later.

If you live in Winston — and especially if you’re a parent, but actually, regardless of that — go see this film. (Kevin loved it, too, so don’t feel like it has to be a girls-only film, although making it a girls’ night would be great, too!)


A few additional facts about a/perture:

a/perture has been in Winston since 2010, and was instrumental in reviving the downtown area that now is so bustling any night of the week that it’s hard to imagine it otherwise. They have expanded since they opened, now offering four screening rooms, and have screened more than 700 titles.

In 2016, a/perture became a nonprofit organization with the mission of “engaging and entertaining the community through the art of film by showcasing informative, educational, thought-provoking and inspiring films — films that enrich lives, engage minds, promote diversity and build community.”

This work is so, so important, and Kevin and I want to take our support of a/perture to the next level by donating to the theater. You can do that, too, if you’re interested through an online donation or by becoming an a/v member. You can also give of your time as a volunteer and, of course, a wonderful way to support a/perture is by seeing lots of movies there!

(I cannot WAIT to see RBG — a documentary about Ruth Bader Ginsburg — there soon. Who wants to join me? Let’s make it an event!)

I’m incredibly glad a/perture is part of our Winston-Salem community. While Kevin and I were at the cinema to see Tully last weekend, he turned to me and said, “You know what? I think we should make it a goal to see at least one movie here every month.” (We even shook on it. It seems hilariously formal to shake hands with your spouse, by the way.)

Who’s with us?

photo by Kristen Bryant


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