Maggie Monday — On A Tuesday! (January 30, 2018)

Maggie got preempted by the launch of my podcast yesterday. (I’m sorry, baby girl!) I was just so pumped to share that pilot episode with y’all.

BUT I didn’t want to leave her out of this week’s blog rotation entirely, so I’m publishing her weekly update one day late (and one day ahead of her 10 month birthday, which is ridiculously hard to believe is already here).

Let’s see…what has our girl been up to this past week? Well…

  • She continues to pull up on EVERYTHING, and is getting better and better at finding her balance.


  • We think she has a good sense of humor! She loves to mimic us (and to be mimicked) and I wish I could bottle her laugh. It’s so, so good.


  • She learned to make a fish face and it’s hilarious.


  • She continues to be an amazingly good eater, and never says no to new foods (or to an avocado — they’re her fave!).
  • Even though she’s super social (she loves people, and waves constantly at everyone she meets), she’s also really good at being still and quiet and playing independently. I’ll be so interested to see how her personality continues to evolve. (But then again, I’m kind of that way, too. I love being around people, and get a lot of energy from it, but also appreciate some quality downtime. I feel like I straddle the line between extrovert and introvert, and maybe she’s similarly wired.)


  • She’s starting to grow some serious hair (but it’s still so light you can barely see it in photos!).
  • Her first celebrity crush is officially Jimmy Kimmel. She’s been obsessed with the issue of GQ we got last week with him on the cover, and constantly goes over to wave at him, caress his face, and give him kisses. It’s too funny!
  • We started brushing her (two teeny tiny) teeth, and so far she thinks that’s pretty fun.
  • We discovered she looks ridiculously cute in this hooded sweater, so she’s been wearing it non-stop. (It feels so cozy, too!)

We’re so thankful for 10 happy, healthy months with our Maggie-girl!

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