Maggie Monday (January 22, 2018)

Last week Kevin and I got some unexpected extra time with our Maggie-girl, because Winston-Salem got six inches of snow last week, leaving us home bound both Wednesday and Thursday. Though working from home with a 9-month-old who wants to pull up on and get into EVERYTHING is, admittedly, tough at times, it was such a special few days, and I felt so fortunate to get that bonus time with my girl (and with Kevin!). We loved being cozy and warm in our house together.

We spent a little time outside to let Maggie experience her second snowfall, and she seemed happy about it!

So speaking of pulling up…that’s Maggie’s very favorite hobby these days. She pulls up on the coffee table, on chair legs, on OUR legs — anywhere she can! It’s fun watching her learn to find her balance and gain strength.

She’s also progressed from her super-efficient army crawl into a somewhat robotic-looking traditional (hands and knees) crawl.


JUMPING is also a favorite activity these days. She’s a big fan of her jumper!

Oh, and last weekend Maggie briefly visited the Pure Barre Winston-Salem studio with me, and LOVED IT. No surprise there — the place is full of mirrors and the balls are just her size. My goal of making her as Pure Barre obsessed as I am is going perfectly according to plan so far… 🙂

Today, Maggie is at home with her Gram and Gramps (Kevin’s parents), because our sitter and her family are out of town. It sure looks like they’re having fun!

And I’ll leave you with a handful of other pics from our girl from this past week. Happy Maggie Monday!

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