A Few After-Christmas Deals Worth Checking Out

I hope everyone had a magical Christmas!

Ours was wonderful in every way, particularly because Maggie and her cousin Benjamin got to celebrate their first Christmas together AND we got to see both sides of the family on Christmas Day! Lucky, lucky us.


We’ve enjoyed spending time with my family in Atlanta, and will be headed to the North Carolina coast this evening to spend the rest of the week and New Year’s Eve/Day there.

In between the festivities and work, I’ve managed to squeeze in just a little bit of online shopping to check out what deals are out there post-Christmas. I intentionally haven’t spent tons of time shopping, but did want to share some of the fun deals I stumbled upon with y’all in case you’re looking for similar items! Below is a hodgepodge of several things that caught my eye:


  • These BP. by Nordstrom Mesh Leggings are SO great, y’all (and they’re on major sale!). They’re a perfect basic legging with just a touch of flair. I got compliments galore the first day I wore them (last week)!



What fun deals have you come across? Please share!

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