My Blog Turns Six! (Here’s Its Birthday Wish.)

Whoa — I’ve been blogging for SIX YEARS. I started this blog when Kevin and I were newly married and new to Winston, and I didn’t have big plans for it in particular. I started curiouser & curiouser because I wanted a creative outlet, and a place where I could write consistently. (My background is in journalism, but I work in marketing.) I didn’t know what the focus or theme of my blog should be, so I just started writing about a little bit of a lot of things. Essentially, I wrote about things I found interesting. Things I’d want to read about.

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652 posts later (counting this one!), and here I am. My content philosophy has remained the same: I want to write about things I’d want to read about. I think it’s my nature to want to try new things and then tell people about them, so that’s been a cornerstone of my blog content as well. It’s a place where I can share pieces of my life (both big deal things and everyday ones) and also write about topics ranging from recipes to Pure Barre to my favorite maternity clothes.

My readers (hey, that’s you!) have been amazing. When people tell me they’ve read something on my blog and enjoyed it, or look to my blog as a resource of some kind, it makes my day like you wouldn’t believe. I love that I’m able to connect with people through this medium, and when my content resonates with people it means so much. I do write this blog for me, in large part, but I also spend lots of time on it and want it to be something that others use and love and look forward to as well.

And so here comes my birthday wish for my blog. (Ready? It involves you.)

I’d love for you to help me grow my blog. It’s six now, after all.

Why do I even want it to get bigger, if it’s just something I do for fun, though? Well, with a bigger readership I’d have access to more resources to make my content even stronger. I’d be able to integrate some fun elements I’ve been dreaming about for a while. But most of all, I’d get to continue to watch this community expand, and that would be incredible. (Because I mentioned y’all are the best, right?) My dream is to make curiouser & curiouser a resource for women searching for a place to plug in. To ask questions. To look to as a go-to space for great recommendations on a wide range of topics. To become a place to engage with each other, too, and make connections and spark ideas. (Lofty? Yes. But how great does that sound?)

I know there are lots of things I can do to help my blog get bigger. SEO and affiliate links and proactive outreach to other blogs/social accounts, etc. I’ve done some of that, but I love the idea of curiouser & curiouser growing more organically — growing because people love it and share it with others. That’s kind of the purpose of my blog. (Oh, speaking of,  I drafted a super official Purpose Statement for my blog a few months ago, by the way. Here it is):

We’re all complicated. And we all spend our time thinking about a whole collection of topics. At curiouser & curiouser, variety is the name of the game. Here, you’ll find posts ranging from food to healthy living to fashion to motherhood to TV and movies and lots more. This blog exists as a resource to help curate some of that “all over the place-ness” that is the reality for so many women. curiouser & curiouser pulls it all together in a convenient, available-at-any-time resource right at your fingertips.

So here’s how you can help wish my blog a happy sixth birthday. If you like what you read here, will you please spread the word to others? Here are just a few ways that can happen:

  • Invite someone to follow my curiouser & curiouser Facebook page
  • Tag a friend in one of my Instagram posts and invite them to  keep up with me there
  • Share one of my posts to your own Facebook wall if it’s one you think friends would find helpful or interesting
  • Keep reading my blog (and engaging with me on social media, too)
  • Send me input and suggestions so my content stays fresh and is reflective of the kinds of things you want to read here

Thank you so very much for your support. Whether you’ve been reading my blog since the very first post or just started following it a couple of months ago, THANK YOU.  You make this outlet fun and fulfilling and full of connection. You’ve made it a safe and encouraging place for me to be authentic (no small thing). It’s a happy birthday for curiouser & curiouser for sure. Thanks for your help making it so special.

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  1. Happy Birthday! I have enjoyed reading your blog. My daughter in law, Kaitlyn, works at PB too. I go to Clemmons. Any way, I saw your family pictures by Amanda McCann. They were wonderful! I needed a photographer for an event at our home in April, and she is going to do it. Thank you for sharing!

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