Friday Favorites (November 10, 2017)

We’re in Atlanta this weekend to attend a wedding, and it’s fun to be able to spend some time with both sides of the family! We’re staying with my parents, and the wedding is for a family friend of Kevin’s, and so we’ll see his family — along with lots of friends — at the event. I’m excited to get to introduce lots of our favorite people to Maggie for the first time. (It’s convenient for events like this that she’s so social.)

But first, some favorites! I have lots from this past week to share, so buckle up:

  • Califia Farm’s Mint Cocoa Creamer will make your world a happier place — I promise. I recommend heating this creamer up juuuust slightly before adding your coffee, and you’ll think you’re drinking a dreamy version of coffee and cocoa. I’m so sad this is only seasonal!


  • We were given the opportunity to pre-order some of these DYI High-Shine Leggings a few weeks ago, and they arrived over the weekend. AND, Y’ALL. They are going to be my uniform this season. I love how easily they can transition from the studio to the street. (I got the navy, and they’re almost more of a gray/blue, which I adore!)
  • As my first Christmas as a parent quickly approaches, I’ve been putting thought against traditions I want to establish with Maggie during this special time of year. I love the idea of limiting physical gifts and incorporating experiences, useful items, and opportunities to give into the line-up, and so this collection of 20 non-toy gift ideas was a relevant read.
  • Some of my super talented and super awesome former Mullen co-workers worked on this beautifully poignant PSA in partnership with the nonprofit Alzheimer’s Association. Please take 90 seconds to watch:



  • One more! (Told y’all there were lots this week.) I made my first vegan “cheese” this past week, and it turned out well (and was super easy!). I used this Minimalist Baker Roasted Jalapeño Cashew Queso recipe, and combined it with some cauliflower rice, black beans, and sweet potato (with some Cholula hot sauce, of course) for a really yummy dinner Wednesday evening.

We’re soooooo close to the weekend, y’all. Hope it’s a great one!


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