Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Now that I’m a solid three months into this whole parenting thing, I feel like I can pass along some recommendations on the baby shower gift idea front. (These are also baby registry suggestions, come to think of it. We enjoyed using for Maggie’s registry because you can include anything there as long as it’s sold online, whether or not you actually have a registry at that retailer. For example, I added a couple of Etsy items to our registry.)

But yeah — regardless of if you’re the baby gift giver or baby gift recipient, these are a few items Kevin and I have especially loved for our girl, in case you’re looking for some inspiration:

  • The Nice Book: We were given this book by our friends RT and Nora, and it quickly became our go-to for Maggie during storytime. It’s the sweetest book about being kind to one another, and has one line in particular that Kevin and I find ourselves repeating often: “Look after someone little. We’re all little.”

Baby Bjorn pack and playWe have loved this travel crib! It’s lightweight and so easy to set up/take down. Maggie sleeps great in it, too! This would be a great gift if you’re looking to go in together on an item with family and friends.

  • Car Adapter for Breast PumpThis is an item that most breastfeeding moms probably don’t think about adding to their arsenal, but it can definitely save the day in a pinch. I’ve used mine during a trafficky drive home from Atlanta and while out longer than I thought I’d be without Maggie one day. It’s a small gift, but is SO nice to have on hand in those emergency situations.

  • Beautycounter Baby Gentle All-Over Wash and Baby Calming Diaper Rash Cream: I discovered the Beautycounter brand for myself while I was pregnant and looking for skincare and make-up options that were safe and yet still effective, and so it seemed like the right step to extend into the baby line, too, for Maggie. I’ve loved using all of the baby products on her, but these two are my favorites, and any mom would appreciate having them on hand for her little one.

  • A gift certificate for a newborn photo shoot: Find a local photographer for this work, keeping the expectant couple’s style in mind. If it turns out they already have something lined up on this front, it’s likely the photographer will be able to let them postpone their shoot for a while so the family can have both professional newborn photos as well as professional family photos when the baby is slightly older.

Fellow parents out there: What else would you add to this list?

Looking for more baby gift ideas that parents will actually use? Check out this post I wrote for Zulily’s blog for inspiration!

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