Friday Favorites (July 7, 2017)

Friday Favorites — on a Sunday? Yeah, it’s just been one of those weeks where the days kind of got jumbled for me. (I’m sure it was because of the 4th falling on a Tuesday and breaking up the week in a strange way.) So please forgive the tardiness of this post!

So far, we’ve had a wonderful weekend. Friday night was low key, and then Saturday I took a Pure Barre class, Maggie and I went to get my hair done (I went shorter and am loving it!), and then we had some friends we hadn’t seen for a while over for dinner. It was pretty excellent, and I’m looking forward to another fun weekend day today (including more meals with friends, some errand running, and, of course, a trip to the Pure Barre studio).

Oh, and a few things I’ve been loving! That’s what we’re really here to discuss, after all. Here goes:

  • These lactation cookies are SO FREAKING GOOD. (And, as the friend who first shared them with me pointed out, for those of you NOT breastfeeding, fear not: these cookies will not make you lactate.) I made a batch to take with me to South Carolina tomorrow afternoon to meet my NEPHEW! (My sister’s getting induced tomorrow morning.) I can’t wait to meet Baby Benjamin! (But yes — these cookies are incredible. I made a double batch so I could keep some in my freezer to make for other new mama friends over the coming weeks!)

  • It’s full-on summertime cocktail season, and so these five cocktail recipes (my latest post for Beyond Yoga’s blog) will definitely come in handy. (I especially can’t wait to try the frosé. Yuuuuum!)

  • Speaking of perfect-for-summer drinks, Dogfish Head’s Sea Quench Ale is my favorite beer of the season. It tastes like a beer/margarita hybrid, which is ideal in my book!

  • Have you checked out the new Netflix series GLOW? It stars Alison Brie (who you’ll recognize from both Mad Men and Community) and is inspired by an actual show from the 80s featuring female wrestlers. Kevin and I are loving it! Check out the trailer here:

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