Maggie Monday (June 26, 2017)

It’s the last Monday in June (craziness!), and I have a few updates to share on our Maggie-girl. She just gets more and more fun every day, and is a complete joy to be around. It’s amazing to watch little bits of her personality continue to emerge as we slowly get to know this tiny person. So far, she’s calm and content, but also loves to smile. Sing and dance with her, and you’ll have her heart.

(Oh, and mornings? Mornings are the best part of the day, without a doubt. I wish I woke up this happy!):

This past week, our sitter and her family were on vacation and so my parents were in town to watch Maggie during the day. (We’re SO grateful they were willing and able to help us out this past week! What a gift.) Maggie loved being with Mimi and Papa, and Kevin and I were so glad to have them in town, too!

My mom also brought several of my baby pictures with her, and it was neat comparing my 12(ish)-week-old baby photos with Maggie at the same age.

Other Maggie highlights from last week include: checking out the new Lidl grocery store in Winston-Salem, taking Maggie to her first baseball game on Friday night (go, Dash!), and catching up with some of our birth class friends over lunch yesterday (no photos from lunch, unfortunately!). It was another great week with our girl! I feel so remarkably lucky to be her mom.

(Okay, just a couple more, because they’re too cute not to share!):

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