Maggie Monday (June 19, 2017)

What a great week with Miss Maggie! This past week was her first one at her sitter’s house, and everything went well on that front. She seemed happy when we picked her up each night, and was all smiles when I dropped her off each morning. Kevin and I have a good routine worked out for now, where I go to Pure Barre in the morning, he gets Maggie up and fed, then when I get home he goes to the gym and I get Maggie (and myself) dressed and ready. I drop her by the sitter’s house on the way to work, and Kevin picks her up on his way home in the evenings. So far, so good!

It was also Kevin’s first Father’s Day yesterday, and we celebrated with brunch at Village Tavern and then dinner later at Buffalo Wild Wings. (Kevin loves him some wings, which I can appreciate.) Mostly, it was fun for our whole family to be together a lot yesterday. Days with Maggie-girl keep getting more and more fun!

Here are some favorite recent photos of our little lady:

(Now if that face doesn’t start your Monday off well, I don’t know what will!) 🙂

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