Friday Favorites

Kevin and I have been at the beach this week (shout-out to maternity leave + Kevin being self employed being an amazing combination!), and we’ve had such a great time. The weather has been incredible, and we’ve gotten to spend time with Kevin’s parents (they live in the adorable town of Southport, North Carolina) as well as our friend Micheal (she joined us down here for a couple of days) and some other Winston-Salem friends, Michelle and Alex, who happened to be renting a house here this week.

It’s also been Maggie’s first travel experience, and she’s been amazing. She slept for the whole 3.5-hour car ride from Winston to Oak Island on Sunday, and has been a champ here as well. She’s started sleeping for wonderfully long stretches (read: 6-7 hours!) at night, which we are loving. And, because Kevin’s mom loves spending time with our girl, Kevin and I have gotten some time to spend together to go to the beach, shop in Southport, etc., which has been such a gift. (Thanks, Gram!)

Here are some photos of our girl from this past week. (I was comparing this week’s photos to her newborn photos and was struck by just how much she’s changed already. She’s starting to smile more and more — and actually in response to us rather than just randomly — and it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen.)

Okay, now that the Maggie photo fest is out of the way, here are some things I’m loving this week!:

  • Love to Dream Swaddles. Maggie has quite the swaddle collection (thanks to everyone who helped us build that collection with both new gifts and hand-me-downs!), and we think these are the stand-outs so far for her. Maggie sleeps like a rock star in any kind of swaddle (lucky us!), but these are especially ideal for all three of us. We love that they zip, so they’re both easy to get on and off for us and simultaneously impossible for her to break free from. (Bonus: She looks like a hilarious little butterfly in them!)

  • Killer Dave’s bagels. These are a thing now. YAS. They come in plain, everything, and cinnamon raisin. (Kevin and I tried the everything and they’re excellent!)

Hope y’all have a lovely weekend ahead. We’re headed to South Carolina today to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday. He and my sister are hosting the annual Cinco de Marty fiesta (the theme that never ceases to get old), and we’re so glad to introduce Maggie to this awesome tradition!

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