Friday Favorites

Well, we’ve made it to the cusp of yet another weekend, friends. Way to go!

Kevin and I have a very low-key weekend planned, which is incredibly atypical for us. (Ahem — I may or may not have a slight issue with over scheduling us.) I’m teaching some Pure Barre classes both tomorrow and Sunday, but other than that our agenda includes:

  • movie day (Saturday)
  • potentially shopping for a new living room rug

Yup. Those are the big to-do list items. I think we can handle those. ūüôā

But before we get to the weekend, it’s time for some Friday Favorites! Ready, set, GO!:

  • These Women’s dv Rose Sneakers from Target.¬†Y’all. How adorable are these shoes? They’re comfortable to boot, and I know I’ll be getting tons of use out of them this spring. Plus, at just $24.99 they’re impossible to pass up! Snag you a pair now. (Do it!)


  • Lenny & Larry’s cookies. I picked up three of these (3 for $5!) at Publix last week, and Kevin and I have each had a chocolate chip one since then. They’re GOOD, and offer 8 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber per serving, plus they’re vegan and are soy free. I’m excited to try some of their other flavors! I think peanut butter might be up next…


  • Beautycounter’s NEW Baby Calming Diaper Rash Cream. My diaper rash cream arrived last week, and I was so excited to add it to baby girl’s changing table supplies. I’ve read awesome things about this product, and know I’m going to love it AND feel great about its ingredients being safe and baby skin friendly¬†(along with the rest of the Beautycounter baby line). To get your own full-sized diaper rash cream for FREE, visit my Instagram page and enter to win today! (Free stuff on a Friday? Always a good thing.)


Hope you have a fun weekend ahead of you!



2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Love those shoes!!! I’m going to look for them at Target. Do they run true to size? Those cookies are the best!!! I’ve tried several flavors and the double chocolate and peanut butter ones are my favorite! Honestly they’re all good, though. Enjoy your relaxing weekend!!

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