Baby Updates

Happy Sunday, everyone! I wanted to share a few quick baby-related updates, as things are coming along on the baby prep front at the Keller house. I can’t believe we just have nine weeks left…

We officially have a nursery set and (somewhat — we still have pictures and floating book shelving to hang) ready to welcome our girl home in a few weeks, which feels amazing. (I’ll post photos soon!) In recent days, I’ve felt major nesting mode set in and want to do ALL THE THINGS around the house. This involves going to bed later than usual and often waking up stupidly early with tons of energy to get some things in before work. Poor Kevin.


We’ve had two amazing baby showers so far, and have received such beautiful/adorable/useful things from our family and friends. Thank you to everyone for showing us so much love and support during this exciting time! I feel like I could burst with thankfulness.




I can’t wait to try Beautycounter’s Baby line once our little one gets here.


I’ve loved all the Beautycounter products I’ve tried for myself (especially the Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer — that stuff is BOMB — and the Balancing Face Oil). I’m always a fan of foods and products that aren’t stuffed full of chemicals, but these days I’m even more picky about that stuff. Beautycounter‘s commitment to safer, cleaner skincare and make-up products is pretty refreshing. (Plus, the stuff WORKS, so it’s not like you’re giving up good products in exchange for not feeling terrible about what’s in your skincare and make-up.) Best of both worlds.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday! I’m off to do my first load of teeny tiny baby laundry…

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