Friday Favorites

Happy final Friday of 2016! As many of my Facebook friends’ profiles will back up, there are definitely some arguments to be made for leaving 2016 in our collective rear-view mirrors. However, this year has also brought some amazing things, too, and those are worth remembering, mixed in with the political insanity (I still feel like I’m living in an alternate universe on that front), the crazy number of celebrity deaths, the clowns (Y’ALL — remember the creepy clown thing??), etc.


I’m hoping you all had a magical holiday season with your friends and family. Kevin and I spent Christmas weekend at the beach with his family (his folks live in the adorable town of Southport, North Carolina), and it was just about perfect. The weather on Christmas Eve was an unbelievable 72 degrees, so we all enjoyed a walk on the beach, and then the next day had a delightfully leisurely Christmas Day.

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Kevin and I were reminded that we are most definitely adults when reflecting on our main Christmas gifts: a Roomba and money to put towards a second freezer. 5-year-old Anna would have been pretty bummed, but 31-year-old Anna is a happy camper! (Y’all — this Roomba is changing our lives. Everyone needs one. Especially people who have dogs. Game. Changer.)


This weekend, we’re back at the beach to ring in the New Year with my sister and brother-in-law (who live in Columbia, South Carolina) and BFF Bethany (who lives in Richmond, Virginia). We all were together for New Year’s two years ago and had a blast. (We also made a homemade version of Red Lobster’s cheddar biscuits, which I still think about. We might be recreating those again this year…)

BUT, let’s get back to the topic at hand: Friday Favorites! Here are some things I’ve been loving or eyeing lately that I just had to share with y’all:

  • Podcast Recommendations: I’ve been spending lots more time in the car lately what with the back and forth to the beach, and so discovering two great new podcasts has been awesome. I highly recommend both NPR’s Making Oprah and Season One of PRX’s Offshore (similar-ish to Serial). Happy listening!

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  • Corkcicle 16-ounce tumbler in Gloss Rose Quartz: I needed a new travel coffee/tea solution, and found a BOGO deal on Corkcicle products at an after Christmas sale. So far I’m LOVING my tumbler, and it’s just perfect for taking my morning tea to work with me!


  • Paper Source 2017 Wall Art Calendar: I’ve always enjoyed making my work desk look nice and homey. After all, I spend so much time here, it might as well be comfortable and feel like me, right? Part of my decor always includes a calendar (duh!), and with a new year right around the corner, I found the perfect wall calendar from my go-to calendar (and return address stamp) company: Paper Source. I know I’ll enjoy this all year, and I love how large and colorful it is. I already have it up at my desk, open to January, even though I know I’m jumping the gun by a couple of days. (Bonus: It’s on sale right now!)


  • Beyond the Bump Nursing Cami: I’m about ready to pull the trigger on this top. After all, everything Beyond Yoga is SO comfy, and I know I’ll get use out of this cami both during pregnancy and after Baby Girl is born. Plus, it’s so cute!


  • Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis: Kevin discovered this book initially, and since his strong recommendation several members of his family have read it as well. It’s SUCH a good read (and especially timely, coming on the heels of the recent presidential election), providing wonderfully thoughtful context and commentary around a large and often forgotten group of people. If you’re looking for a book to kick off your 2017 reading list, I highly recommend this one.


  • MY ROOMBA! (Please see wholehearted endorsement above.) 🙂

Hope y’all have a wonderful and safe New Year’s weekend!


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