Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $10

Is your office or friend group getting into the Christmas spirit by kicking off a Secret Santa venture? It’s important, of course, not to confuse Secret Santa with Dirty Santa (although I do have some excellent Dirty Santa gift ideas to share), as Secret Santa consists of gifts your recipient can actually use and enjoy while Dirty Santa gifts (in my opinion, at least) should be as ridiculous as possible, in the very best way.

Secret Santa typically consists of a few small gifts from, well, Secret Santa, so knowing the price points need to stay on the low side I’ve rounded up a few budget-friendly yet sure-to-please gift ideas to inspire your purchases. All of these gifts are $10 or less (you’re welcome!) and are actually things people will enjoy and use.

Let the shopping begin!:



  • Okay, yes. Everyone already has a ton of mugs. Who needs another mug? But when you find one this pretty, it’s hard to pass up (and it would be perfect to keep at work as an office mug!). Good work as usual, Anthro, and the price point (just $10) is pretty great as well.


  • These hedgehog reusable dryer balls are so adorable and actually useful, too. I love them because though they’re functional, they’re something you’d be unlikely to buy for yourself. (And why not make doing laundry a little more fun, right?)






  • Snag a smoker box (just $7.99!) for a grill aficionado to infuse some smokey flavor into his or her meal.


Happy shopping, Santa!



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