Fuller House: I’m All In

I was a huge Full House fan (you know, just like every kid who was ALIVE in the late 80s/early 90s), and so I was both thrilled and horrified to hear that the show was being resurrected as a Netflix series. Thrilled because Full House was amazing, and an integral part of my childhood (we called it “The Michelle Show” at our house). Horrified because I worried no good could come of this. I was afraid the Fuller House series would be a painful-to-watch nosedive of a show (as I hear Girl Meets World is, though I’ve never watched it). Sequels can just go so very wrong, you know? Especially a sequel a couple of decades later.

For those not familiar with this reboot, it features a recently widowed veterinarian DJ Fuller (get it — FULLER House?) who, along with her three sons, moves into the iconic Tanner family home along with the party girl, jet-setting Stephanie (“DJ Tanner”) and the still-as-cooky-as-ever-and-now-also-a-party-planner Kimmy Gibbler and Kimmy’s daughter. Other favorite characters from Full House — Danny, Joey, Jesse, Becky, Steve, and more — make appearances from time to time, too. It sounded like a recipe for disaster to me.

fuller house

I’m happy to report that my fear was unwarranted. I unabashedly love Fuller House (and bet that any other true Full House fans will agree with me). Is it cheesy? Oh, yeah. Painfully cheesy at times. But it also conjures up pure nostalgia in the very best way. (Even Kevin, who’s watched a couple of episodes with me so far, commented that watching the show was comforting.) I’m not through all the episodes just yet, but here are some of the reasons I’m loving this second chapter in the Tanner family’s life:

  • The Cheese Factor: As I mentioned, this show’s brand of humor is mostly of the cheese variety. And while that made me cringe initially, I was soon reminded that the original Full House was also all cheese. That’s what the tone of this show is. And really, what’s wrong with some cheesy humor? It’s wholesome (another tenant of Full House) and it’s fun. Plus, there are some genuinely funny lines in Fuller House — some of which venture away from cheese and enter clever territory. This is a show anyone can watch and enjoy, and there’s something to be said for that.
  • Nostalgia-Induced Tears: Fuller House knows just how to tug on the heartstrings of Full House fans. When the whole Tanner crew sang the Jesse & The Rippers classic “Forever,” I got teary eyed. When the girls later sang the Flintstones theme song together with Jesse and Joey to calm down DJ’s baby, Tommy, I almost lost it again. Portions of the show feature these split screen moments that show and old scene beside a current one (for example, the cast singing the Flintstones theme song to baby Michelle alongside the same group singing to baby Tommy) that will bring you straight back to 1992. And the THEME SONG! It’s been changed a bit, but you’ll get so, so happy every time it comes on.
  • They Don’t Lose The Catchphrases: The cast’s iconic lines (think “How rude!” for Stephanie and “Cut it out!” for Joey) still make appearances. And they’re great. (Come on — they are. And you’d be devastated if they weren’t a part of the show.)
  • These Ladies Are On Point: The grown-up versions of DJ (Candace Cameron Bure), Stephanie (Jodi Sweetin), and Kimmy (Andrea Barber) are all beautiful and well dressed. I seriously want everything DJ wears in Fuller House in my closet. And, thankfully, they’re all pretty good actors. (Whew!) It’s really fun getting to know the adult versions of these oh-so familiar characters through this show.
  • Steve and DJ!: So I’m only on episode six, but there’s been a seed planted for the widowed DJ and the divorced Steve to rekindle their high school romance. I have my fingers crossed.

So if you haven’t checked out Fuller House yet, I recommend that you cue up Netflix, get some “TGIF food” (as my friend Bethany calls it) ready, and get to watching. My prediction? You WON’T want to cut it out.


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