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We made it to yet another Friday, friends! And that, I think, calls for a bit of a celebration. Or, at least, a few fun links to click on, right? Right.

  • First up: Arby’s. Major kudos to Arby’s for their commercials that aired during Jon Stewart’s last episode of The Daily Show. Well done, Arby’s (but your “We have the meats” tag line still really grosses me out, for the record).
  • I made this cabbage- and quinoa-based salad this past week, and it’s pretty great. Kevin and I enjoyed it as a side dish/lunch for a few days, and it kept well in the fridge. Give it a try!


Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.45.59 PM

  • “Jessica’s Daily Affirmation” is still the best. I know, I know: This video is a million years old. (Well, six. Which is a million in Internet years.) But still. Whether you’re having a bad day or a good one, Jessica will surely make you smile. (This video is quoted a lot at the Keller house. “I can do anything good. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!”)

Happy almost weekend!

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