siggi’s Icelandic-Style Yogurt: A Giveaway!

Halló, friends! Ready for some deliciousness? (And a giveaway for free yogurt? Keep reading!)

I mentioned siggi’s Icelandic-style yogurt in a recent post and told you I’d get back to you with more info about this yummy brand. Well, the time is now.

I’ve eaten Icelandic-style yogurt (skyr) occasionally for a couple of years, but got really excited about the category when a.) our family started planning a trip to Iceland and b.) I discovered the siggi’s brand of skyr.

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This stuff is incredible, and is now my favorite brand of yogurt by far. It’s got tons of protein (14 grams per serving!), very little sugar, and has a creamy-yet-fluffy consistency that I love. To me, it’s even tastier than Greek yogurt (and I’m a big fan of that stuff). Plus, siggi’s has super creative flavors — like Orange & Ginger and Mango & Jalapeño — in addition to delicious staple yogurt flavors like Raspberry and Vanilla. Just look at all these awesome flavors!

Though siggi’s is a U.S. product, its founder, Siggis, grew up in Iceland and the idea for his company was born when he began growing homesick for the skyr of his childhood. He started making his own skyr after his mother sent him a recipe from Iceland, and much preferred it to the too-sweet versions of yogurt he found on grocery store shelves in the States. Just over a decade later, siggi’s is growing in distribution. I used to be able to get siggi’s only at my local Whole Foods, but now it’s on the shelves at my nearby Harris Teeter store as well. Yay, siggi’s!

You should also follow siggi’s on Instagram for some great recipe inspiration, or check out the “recipe” section of their website for mouthwatering ideas. (Cheesecake with Coconut Almond Crust? Frozen Banana Yogurt Pops? Butternut Squash & Leek Soup? All made with siggi’s? Yes, please. All of it.)

And now to the extra good stuff: freebie time.


The lovely team at siggi’s has passed along a few coupons for free siggi’s for me to distribute to my readers, and I can’t wait to share them with you! If you haven’t tried siggi’s before, this is a great opportunity to give it a go. Just search the siggi’s store locator page using your ZIP code to see where the product is sold in your area.

I’d love to send a couple of free siggi’s coupons your way! To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post telling me which siggi’s skyr flavor you’d most like to try.



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  1. Thanks to everyone for your comments! Those flavors all sound delish. (I have to say, coconut is my top pick for siggi’s. SO good!) David, Danielle, and Tyler: Please email me your mailing address so I can send you some coupons for free siggi’s! My email address is

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