Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

I’ve been making a list of some things I’ve discovered — and loved — recently with the intent of rounding them all up and sharing them in one convenient post. So — voila! You’re reading that very post. Ready, set, GO!:

  • All things Brené Brown. A friend recently told me about Brené and her work on vulnerability and, since being vulnerable is NOT something that comes easily to me (I tend to fight it whenever possible, in fact, often without realizing I’m doing so), the two TED talks my friend shared really resonated with me. For any of you who also struggle with how to integrate vulnerability into your life to make your relationships stronger and your life more full of joy overall, I strongly recommend you take a few minutes (40 — each video is 20 minutes long) to listen to what Brené has to say. This talk (which you should watch first) is about vulnerability, while this one deals with shame. (After watching those TED talks, I look forward to reading some of Brené’s books as well.)

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  • Invisibilia podcast. Ever since Serial ended, I’ve been on the hunt for podcasts to help fill the void it left in my life. (Sounds dramatic, but I really did love that show and can’t wait until Season Two.). Luckily, I’ve found an incredible podcast that just launched this month that’s right up my alley. Invisibilia — an NPR podcast — is a show that delves into the unseen things that shape us as humans (ideas, beliefs, assumptions, and emotions), bringing those forces to light in a captivating way. I’d recommend first listening to the episode called “How To Become Batman.” Then just try to tell me you won’t come back for more.

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  • Peaky Blinders on Netflix. Though this show launched in 2013, Kevin and I only started watching it a couple of weeks ago, and we are thoroughly hooked. It’s so well-written, the music is awesome, the casting is impeccable, and you’ll quickly get hooked on the storyline. In short, Netflix has done it again. Definitely start watching this if you haven’t already. (Oh, and a tip: Be sure to turn subtitles on for this one. Those Birmingham English accents can be tricky!)


  • Jemaine Clement’s Kickstarter project. If you’re not a Flight of the Conchords fan, this news probably won’t excite you as much as it does me, but I needed to share anyway. Jemaine Clement (half of the FOTC duo) teamed up with Taika Waititi to write and direct a movie called What We Do In The Shadows. I don’t know much about the storyline except that it’s about vampires and it’s listed on IMDB as both “comedy” and “horror.” Anyway, Jemaine and Taika have set up a Kickstarter fund to bring the film to American theaters, and — in true Kickstarter fashion — you get rewarded for your donation at various levels. The video is awesome. The rewards are awesome. It’s all awesome. I just have to figure out how much money to give!


  • black-ish on ABC. We started watching this show with Susan, Marty, and Bethany while we were at the beach over New Year’s because Susan had heard good things about it from a couple of friends. I went into the show with zero expectations and am now a huge fan. We laugh as much watching this show as when Modern Family is on, if not more. The casting is spot-on, and the writing is just so good. I highly recommend this one. (I’m also looking forward to the launch of ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat, which begins on February 10 and has gotten some really solid press.)



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