Favorite Internet Videos From The Past Few Days

Sometimes you just need a few good Internet videos to get you through the day, you know? Over the past few days, I’ve been squirreling away some good ones, and now — lucky you! — you get the pleasure of checking them out, if you’d like. Some of these you may have seen by now, but hopefully some are new to you:

  • Let’s start strong. I know most of you have probably seen Jenny Slate’s wonderfully lovable Marcel the Shell. However, I shared it with some co-workers this week who were unfamiliar with it, so in the off-chance you haven’t seen this yet, you’re welcome. (And, let’s be honest, if you HAVE already seen it, you should probably watch it again. You know you won’t regret it.).


  • Have you guys seen this yet? This story about the dog who regularly rides public buses in Seattle to get to and from the dog park? She’s adorable. Enjoy.


Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 1.07.08 PM

Enjoy your Tuesday!


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