The 2014 Christmas Season: A Pictorial Overview

Happy 2015, everyone!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. Kevin and I enjoyed spending time with family in Atlanta last week, and are still in celebration mode this week at the beach (Oak Island, North Carolina).

To quickly summarize the last several days: We hung out with some of our very favorite people, ate tons of incredible food (including a visit to Honey Pig for some Korean BBQ, which you should check out if you’re in Atlanta), saw some good movies (Christmas Vacation, The Interview, and Unbroken, among others), and (as you’ll see below) were surrounded by dogs throughout.

I’m too lucky for words. So, instead, a few pictures:

IMG_6474 IMG_6492 IMG_6500 IMG_6482 IMG_6507IMG_6503imagejpeg_0 (1) IMG_6565IMG_6489 IMG_6524 IMG_6529IMG_6535 IMG_6541IMG_6542



2 thoughts on “The 2014 Christmas Season: A Pictorial Overview

  1. Happy New Year!

    Great shots–but your folks kinda got poofed!

    Tell Kevin I took possession last night of a new Tesla–the P85D. Four wheel drive plus 691 hp! Fastest sedan on the planet–enough incentive for a trip to Chicago?


    1. That’s awesome, Jim. Do you still have your other Tesla, too? You and Sandy are always incentive enough for a Chicago trip — but Kevin says the new car is a great plus! Hope your holidays were wonderful.

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