A Collection Of Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples

I wrote a Zulily blog post with even more easy couple Halloween costume ideas! You can check it out here.

Guys — it’s nearly Halloween! I looooove this holiday, and want to be sure Kevin and I start planning appropriately so we can rock a couple costume this year. (We went as Captain Planet Planeteers a couple of years ago, which was really fun. I’d like a similarly awesome costume idea for us this year.)

Though I’m not typically a DIY-er, I am when it comes to costume making. I’m not a fan of getting a from-the-box costume from one of those pop-up Halloween stores, so it’s got to be something I can piece together thanks to a trip or two to Goodwill and/or Michael’s and some good old-fashioned crafting.

And so, festive readers, I’m looking to you to weigh in on costume ideas for the Kellers. Here are some pretty great options I’ve stumbled upon of late. Let the voting begin. (Note: We’re leaning towards #1.):

1. Birthday Girl and Piñata:


2. Popeye and Olive Oil:


3. Lego People:


4. Bob Ross and His Painting: 

bob ross

5. American Gothic:

american gothic

6. Richie and Margot Tenenbaum:


2 thoughts on “A Collection Of Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples

  1. Too funny Anna! Isaiah has been talking about his latest costume idea this week, which is to be a piñata! Love the idea on how to make it a two person gig. I will have to let him know you are considering the same thing. Great minds think alike!

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