My 30-Day Wardrobe Challenge: Week 5 Recap

That 30 days went by fast! I enjoyed my 30-Day Wardrobe Challenge, and was glad to discover some pieces in my closet I’d forgotten about a bit.

The best part was probably taking a month off of buying anything new, though. It was a good reminder that I already have quite enough, and that it’s worth really thinking about things before I add them to my closet.

I might actually continue the challenge (Kevin suggested I call this part the “lightening round”), since I still have lots of outfits I could wear that didn’t make it into this 30-day period. We’ll see just how long I can keep this up! (Although it will be nice to be able to re-wear some favorite outfits again.)

Did anyone else participate in the challenge along with me? If so, what did you get out of it? Did you find it difficult? Rewarding?

Here’s a quick overview of the outfit line-up from the final week of my 30-Day Wardrobe Challenge:

Day Twenty-Four: Monday, August 18

(top: TJ Maxx / pants: J. Crew / sandals: Target)

photo (45)

Day Twenty-Five: Tuesday, August 19

(top: Theory / skirt: Loveapella — via Stitch Fix / shoes: Nordstrom)

photo (48)

Day Twenty-Six: Wednesday, August 20

(top: 4Hawthorn — via Stitch Fix / Pants: Old Navy / shoes: Target)

photo (49)

Day Twenty-Seven: Thursday, August 21

(top: Express / skirt: H&M / sandals: Target)

photo (50)

Day Twenty-Eight: Friday, August 22

(dress: thml — via Stitch Fix / sandals: Target)

photo (51)

Day Twenty-Nine: Saturday, August 23

(romper: Free People / sandals: Target)

photo (52)

Day THIRTY!: Sunday, August 24

(dress: Missa — via Stitch Fix / sandals: Forever 21)

photo (53)

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