My 30-Day Wardrobe Challenge: Week 3 Recap

I’m more than halfway done with the challenge at this point, and still have yet to feel like I’m running out of outfit options. (Maybe I should extend this to a 50-Day Challenge…something to think about!)

I was able to incorporate fewer Target sandals into the line-up this past week to mix things up a bit, and rediscovered some dresses I’d kinda forgotten that I actually love a lot (shout-outs to J. Crew and Target in particular on the dress front).

I also took time off from the challenge this weekend since I was at the beach with friends Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and pretty much lived in my bathing suit/cover-up and yoga pants/t-shirts. Starting back up with Day 19 today!

Day Fifteen: Monday, August 4

dress: J. Crew / sandals: Target

photo (32)

Day Sixteen: Tuesday, August 5

dress: Target / sandals: Macy’s

photo (34)

Day Seventeen: Wednesday, August 6

dress: Asos / shoes: Nordstrom

photo (33)

Day Eighteen: Thursday, August 7

skirt: Free People / top: TJ Maxx / shoes: BCBG

photo (37)



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