My 30-Day Wardrobe Challenge – Week One Recap

So far so good on the 30-Day Wardrobe Challenge front! I’m enjoying being a bit more intentional about what I’m wearing as opposed to just grabbing some go-to outfits. So far my main takeaway is that I really, really love all my Target shoes. Like, a lot. (A 30-Day Shoe Challenge is NOT in my future, to be sure!)

Here’s a recap of what I wore during the first week of the challenge. (Please excuse the fact that I look upset in some of these pics. I am SO not used to taking selfies, as I’m sure you can tell! Focus on the clothes, y’all…) 🙂

Day One: Monday, July 21:

dress: Asos / shoes: BCBG

Monday (day 1)

Day Two: Tuesday, July 22:

top: Anthropologie / pants: Paige Denim / shoes: Target

Tuesday (day 2)

Day Three: Wednesday, July 23:

top: Forever 21 / pants: J. Crew / sandals: Target

Wednesday (day 3)

Day Four: Thursday, July 24:

dress: Nordstrom (BP) / shoes: Target

Thursday (day 4)

Day Five: Friday, July 25: 

top: Target / pants: Just Black (thanks, Stitch Fix!) / sandals: Old Navy

Friday (day 5)

Day Six: Saturday, July 26:

top: Urban Outfitters / shorts: Hudson / sandals: Target

photo (20)

Day Seven: Sunday, July 27:

dress: Target / sandals: Target)

photo (21)

Here’s to Week Two of the challenge! Happy Monday, friends.

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