Elsie The Bulldog

If you guys follow me on Instagram or if we’re friends on Facebook, you might have seen an adorable bulldog make an appearance at the Keller house over the past few days. Her name is Elsie, and she’s amazing.

I mean, come on. How great is this smushy face???:


I thought I’d pass along a quick synopsis in case you’re interested in learning her story.

Elsie was found in our neighborhood (Ardmore) last Monday, and my friend Alison called to see if we could help care for her while we figured out a solution for the dog. She was in bad shape: she had an eye infection, worms, and was severely malnourished. Poor thing.

elsie_261 (1)

After a follow-up vet appointment later in the week, we were told Elsie had heartworm as well, which means she’s now undergoing a three-month treatment for that, plus she’s slated to get spayed this week. Lots going on for Miss Elsie!

elsie_245 (1) elsie_231

We don’t know much about her past, but do know she’s about two years old and has had at least one litter of puppies. She hasn’t been treated well, but despite that she is SO sweet, loves people, and is obviously used to being inside (and being crated). She’s very trainable and smart, and in the week we’ve had her she’s mastered “sit,” “shake,” “stay,” and “down.” We’ve been crating her at night and when we’re not home, but she hasn’t gotten into a thing when out of her crate. Plus, she hardly sheds at all (something that can’t be said for Fulton Keller).

Elsie and Fulton didn’t like each other much at first, but now they do great together! Fulton can’t wait for Elsie to get out of her crate when we get home. It’s pretty adorable.


We don’t plan on keeping Elsie long term, but she sure is a great house guest for the time being. If anyone is interested in bringing a truly awesome dog into their home — and into their heart — please let me know. We want this sweetheart to have the wonderful life she deserves after what seems to have been a really rough start.


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