Y’all: Winston-Salem’s Getting Awesome!

When Kevin and I moved to Winston-Salem in July of 2011, we were a bit apprehensive about leaving Atlanta for a significantly smaller city. We were pleasantly surprised, though, to find a city that was thriving. Its downtown was bustling any night of the week, it had a happily diverse selection of restaurants, and the residents seemed interested in their community. It was on the small side as far as cities go, yes, but that seemed to be working in its favor.

In the short time we’ve been here, we’ve seen Winston grow even more. Within the past few months, Winston-Salem has welcomed a handful of awesome new bars into town (Small Batch and Hoots Roller Bar among them), and some delicious new eateries have joined the line-up as well (including Silo and The Porch).

hoots roller bar

Our great independent movie theater, Aperture, just added on a third screening room, and there’s a wonderful design studio in Hanes Mall, Airtype, that sells Winston-Salem themed items.

airtype winston salem

And it’s not just full of great places — there are incredible people who live here, too. Thanks to the draw of the hospital plus some strong companies in the area, the population in general seems invested in its city’s evolution, adding things on yet retaining much of the charm that Winston has always possessed.

The Winston-Salem small business community is extremely welcoming and collaborative, too — something we’ve discovered since Kevin and Allen started Winston-based men’s grooming company Fulton & Roark last year. Everyone kind of rallies together to help each other as much as possible, knowing that the more people and businesses that succeed, the more Winston will continue to flourish.

In fact, I ran into a stranger recently and we got to talking about Winston. She’s from Asheville, and I mentioned how Asheville was such a cool town and wondered if she missed it. Her response? “I don’t actually. I love being in Winston. It reminds me of Asheville 10 years ago, and things are really starting to happen here.”

You’re RIGHT girl-also-waiting-to-get-her-eyes-checked-at-C. Eyewear (an amazing place if you’re looking for a new eye doctor, by the way) — Winston is getting really awesome! And it makes me excited to be part of the journey.

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  1. I’m glad more things are coming to W-S. I lived there for 4 years in the late 90’s. There was nothing downtown. Tumbleweeds rolling down 4th Street. I went back last summer to see a band at the new Ziggy’s and pleasantly surprise to see all the people on 4th and Trade streets. Nice article. Thanks.

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