The Best Christmas Ads Of 2013, Part 2

Earlier this month, I rounded up a few of the best Christmas commercials I’d seen so far this year. Lots of great ads have hit the airwaves (and interwebs) since then, though, so I thought those called for a “Part 2” to my “Best Christmas Ads Of 2013” series.

With that, I give you the second installment of holiday advertising goodness:

This Apple ad capitalizes on a typical family frustration (the teen whose nose is constantly stuck in technology) but gives it a great twist in this ad, “Misunderstood”:

This Cadbury ad, “Unwrap Joy,” really gets me in the mood to start unwrapping some presents like whoa. I’m gonna bring my A game this year, just like these kiddos:

NBA has an awesome ad out right now — “Jingle Hoops.” Enjoy the cleverness:

I love the way British company Marks and Spencer uses this ad to showcase some of their top fashion items in a whimsical and lovely way:

I couldn’t resist showcasing another one of Acura’s ads from their Season of Reason campaign. This one’s called “Gingerbread”:

T-minus five days til Christmas!!!

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