Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Searching for a great (and easy) last-minute Halloween costume idea? Check out this post I wrote for Zulily!

Working at an ad agency certainly has its benefits. Drinking at work is commonplace (often with the alcohol supplied by the agency), the dress code is casual, and Halloween is a really big deal.

This year at Mullen NC, we’re celebrating Halloween a day early, and I must say that it’s a little hard to focus on work-related things when you’re surrounded by, well, this:

1422357_10101308050313536_547975975_n 1382843_10202387154825547_937101404_n photo photo

(Yep — that’s me as the Tin Man. Our whole floor went with a Wizard of Oz theme, complete with characters like the Yellow Brick Road, the Twister, an Apple-Throwing Tree, and Toto. Amazing.)

But if your Halloween festivities don’t begin until tomorrow (you know — actual Halloween) and you still don’t have a costume, don’t stress! You have plenty of time to pull together something spectacular.

A few thoughts/inspirations:

A Planeteer from Captain Planet. Any child of the ’90s will love this option, and it’s easy to pull together. Just draw a Captain Planet globe on a piece of paper, tape or staple it to a tee shirt, make a ring out of aluminum foil, grab a vest of some sort, and you’re set! Kevin and I rocked this last-minute look a couple of years ago (thrown together the day of a Halloween party) and it turned out great:


A paper doll. Get some poster board, a few markers or some paint, a pair of scissors, and get to it!:


A cactus. Get some white straws, add some green clothing, and you’re set!:


Shades of Gray. Though I adamantly refuse to read this book or see the movie, I have to admit this is a pretty clever Halloween costume. Just raid your local hardware store for gray paint swatches, pin or glue them to an article of clothing, and get ready for the compliments:


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