Pizza On The Grill

Apologies for the slight blogging siesta, friends! For the past week, I’ve been in Mexico sitting by this…


…doing this…


…with this guy:


And it was delightful.

But more on that later. Right now I want to share what Kevin and I made for dinner last night: pizza on the grill.

Since getting a new gas grill a few weeks ago, Kevin and I (okay — mostly Kevin) have been thinking of interesting ways to use it. While I was out of town on a girls’ beach trip a couple of weekends ago, Kevin grilled a pizza with great success, and so we decided to try it out together last night.

The final result? Deliciousness:


We started with the fresh whole wheat pizza dough from Trader Joe’s (over near the cheese and hummus in the refrigerated section of the store) and kneaded and shaped the dough into two crusts. Each crust was baked at about 400 degrees for roughly 7-8 minutes on the grill.

After letting the crust cool slightly, we added a layer of red sauce, cheese (cheese-wise, we went with a combo of Trader Joe’s shredded Quattro Formaggio and shredded mozzarella), and toppings (fresh basil, roma tomatoes, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, oregano, and sauteed onion and mushrooms). Then, back on the grill the pizza went until all the cheese was nice and melty.

Here’s the grill master in action. (Look at that technique! He’s a pro.):


And that’s it! Easy, huh? Time to dig in!*:


*Note: I recommend topping with some freshly ground pepper and the hot sauce of your choice (if you’re a hot-sauce-on-pizza type like we are). I might just have a new favorite pizza-worthy hot sauce, which we picked up in Mexico. YUM!:


Next, I’d like to try a dessert on the grill, like grilled strawberry shortcake or grilled pound cake. Any suggestions, fellow grillers?

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