My (Rather Anti-Climactic) Week Without Caffeine

I’ve been drinking coffee since I was about one.

Not every day when I was a kid or anything — don’t worry — and always more milk than coffee, but still. Caffeine and I go way back, is what I’m saying. We’re old friends.


I’m not sure if it’s because I started drinking coffee so young or what, but I can never recall a time when I was sensitive to caffeine. I can drink two cups of coffee at 11 p.m. and go immediately to sleep, no problem.

Since I don’t ever feel any of the effects of caffeine, I never paid much attention to how much of it I was consuming. I typically drink coffee at home in the morning, and then drink several cups of black tea throughout the course of the work day.


But I got to wondering — even though I don’t feel like I’m being affected by caffeine, maybe I am. And even if I’m not, it would probably not be a bad idea for me to start being more aware of how much of it I’m drinking. (I’m sure my heart would thank me for it!)


And so, last week I embarked on a week without caffeine to see what might happen. The result? I didn’t really feel different at all. I did get a slight headache on Monday afternoon/evening which must have been related to the lack of caffeine (because I NEVER get headaches), but that was it. (I told you it was anti-climactic!)

I did like being more aware of how much caffeine I was ingesting though, and plan to keep that awareness going. (I’m drinking much fewer caffeinated beverages so far this week.)

How does caffeine affect you? Have you ever tried giving it up and, if so, what was the result?

(Side note: I also gave up sweets last week, which I missed much more than caffeine!)

3 thoughts on “My (Rather Anti-Climactic) Week Without Caffeine

  1. That’s awesome that you don’t have too much withdrawal from caffeine. I’m clearly very sensitive to it, which I learned when I gave up my daily coffee routine a few months ago. I was such a sourpuss that first week.

    I do drink caffeinated beverages now, but it’s usually black tea with cream and then a green tea pep-up in the early afternoon. I love the flavor of coffee so much and figured out the middle way for me: an occasional decaf latte or a half-caf latte. The delicious flavor without the heart-pounding caffeine. Beware, apparently half-caf coffee drinks are a middle-aged lady’s drink (according to urban dictionary, anyway!).

    I also cut back my sugar intake quite a bit. I didn’t cut it out of my diet ( I still use honey and enjoy the occasional sweet), but I noticed a huge difference in my energy level when I started following more of a low-glycemic diet.

    P.S. If you haven’t tried KIND bars, you’re in for a treat! Low-sugar but delicious. Go grab one. 🙂

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