The New Michael Bolton Starburst Ad (And Other Recent Commercials I Think Are Awesome)

After previously associating Michael Bolton only with uber-cheesy music and a shared name with an Office Space character, I’ve recently developed new respect for the singer since he was such a good sport on SNL a couple of years ago:


Good stuff, right? So is the new Starburst “unexplainably juicy” campaign that just launched. Two of the four lovably bizarre ads feature Bolton serenading fruit that then becomes juicy Starburst. See for yourself:


This ad for Wheat Thins’ new Spicy Buffalo flavor is, admittedly, overplayed, but I love it every single time. It’s so delightfully random. The yeti? Ted from next door? Love it:


(I think it’s worth including these other awesome Wheat Thins ads as well. Shout out to Wheat Thins for some good stuff in recent months):



While I really enjoy the Kayak ads that are on air, I especially like this spot that didn’t make the broadcast cut:


Speaking of travel sites, I can’t get enough of Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome. Come on — he’s adorable! Have you seen their new “Go and smell the roses” campaign? I’m a fan:


Let’s end on a heartwarming note, shall we? Subaru’s “Love. It’s what makes a Subaru” campaign, which launched three years ago, has produced several wonderful ads (I particularly love “Baby Driver” and “Best Friend” — you can watch the collection here), and one of their latest, “Cut the Cord,” keeps the awesome going. Just look at how adorable this little girl is! (As a bonus, here’s a great AdWeek article that gives more insight into the campaign.):

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